Coding and Clinical Documentation Improvements (CDI)

Medical Coding and Clinical Documentation Improvements (CDI)


It is an ongoing challenge to stay ahead of coding demands. ICD-10 training and testing requirements and dual-coding demands are straining the capacity of most organizations, while the coding specificity required by ICD-10 makes maintaining high data-quality standards even more critical and more difficult. With GreenPoint, you can offload routine services, expand your capacity, and move your experienced coding resources onto critical inpatient and/or ICD-10 preparation programs.

Our expert outpatient medical-coding services are backed by our cloud-based clinical documentation platform; our staff delivers quality documentation and meets your coding and compliancy demands—promoting faster, more accurate revenue realization. This includes Observation, Procedural, Emergency Department(ED)/Urgent Care, Specialty Outpatient, and Diagnostic coding services.

GreenPoint outpatient health-care coding services help organizations:

  • Support dual-coding efforts with overflow staffing
  • Scale up to offset ICD-10 productivity impacts and demand spikes from third parties
  • Reduce Discharged Not Final Billed (DNFB) and accounts receivable days
  • Obtain appropriate reimbursement and reduce delays
  • Eliminate staffing shortages and gaps in staffing
  • Maintain coding productivity and cash flows
  • Improve compliance and data quality

The challenge of transitioning to new systems such as the current ICD-10 and its more than 14,400 codes is facing every health-care organization, and GreenPoint can help. With the explosion of new codes and extra pressure on detailed reimbursement, many hospitals are anticipating productivity dips and documentation delays.

Working with GreenPoint Healthcare enables you to extend your HIM (Health Information Management) organization, with our skilled and efficient coding specialists facilitating continued smooth operations and timely, accurate reimbursement. In addition to expertise and guidance navigating the new coding system, quality control and auditing processes are integral to the service we deliver. Our teams work on multiple coding platforms and utilize standard medical-coding software, so we can easily integrate into your environment.

Our medical-coding service features:

  • CPT, ICD-9/10, and HCPCS coding across various provider types
  • Ongoing internal monitoring of coding quality and productivity performance
  • Compliance with all government regulations
  • Proficiency in payer-specific coding requirements
  • Collaborative coding profile created with the client to ensure consistency and quality

Our processing centers are state-of-the-art, with secure, redundant technology infrastructure for reliable operations. We offer 24/7 technical support and flexible pricing options to meet changing needs.

Clinical Documentation Improvements (CDI)

Accurate clinical documentation of patient encounters is the foundation for appropriate reimbursement and quality reporting.

As health-care reform moves toward quality-driven reimbursement, hospitals and physicians will have to justify treatments and demonstrate satisfactory quality outcomes. Consistent, complete, and accurate clinical documentation is the key to the economic health of the hospital.

Health-care providers need automated, intuitive tools to sustain their initiatives without shortchanging patient care or jeopardizing operating margins. GreenPoint can help.

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