Data Management for Pharmaceutical Companies and Medical Marketing Agencies

Medical Data Management for Pharmaceutical Companies and Medical Marketing Agencies

Precise data management is the key to growth, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. GreenPoint Healthcare has a global, scalable staff with significant health-care data processing and analytic capabilities. Our clinical data-management team is familiar with the main provisions of the Sunshine Act and will assist your company in careful record keeping and analysis.

GreenPoint will supplement and enhance your IT capabilities with Six Sigma/ISO-level oversight and customized service. We have the ability to scale up or down as client demand changes and can do so very quickly for emergent needs.

Our team is comfortable working in multiple systems and databases and tackling other compliance challenges, both large and small. We employ the stringent quality controls mandated by our ISO certifications.

We currently provide services in the following areas:

  • Evaluations/surveys including free-form response
  • Data analysis including creation of formats, metrics, and ongoing reporting for pharmaceutical marketing meetings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, including PEP, P2P, in office, out of office, online, etc.
  • Registration for meetings or events
  • Data processing of any or all relevant data in your database or ours
  • Reconciliation of data from multiple sources
  • Financial reconciliation for events or marketing expenses
  • Closeout for events
  • Quality control
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