Treating Mental Health with eHealth Services

With eHealth, mental health assistance is just a click away

With eHealth, mental health assistance is just a click away

eHealth or e-health refers to the use of technology in health care, including information, communications, and treatment. Falling under the umbrella of e-health are the use of electronic and digital devices and processes, health-care apps and links, online interaction with health professionals, Internet-based programs, phone-based interventions and programs, peer support services, health informatics, and the use of pioneering technologies such as interactive voice response (IVR). Related terms are m-health or mHealth, telemedicine, telehealth, and cybermedicine. eHealth is used for physical health and mental health.

In fact, the new millennium has ushered in the phenomenon of a cyber doctor or cyber physician, who does consultation and treatment via the Internet without meeting patients face-to-face. This practice can include phone, fax, or online medical consultation, as well as drug prescription.

One area in which eHealth has become more prevalent is mental health or e-mental health, which includes practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychological counseling, clinical social work, individual counseling, group support, and family therapy.

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