What’s New in Biomedical Devices

Biomedical Devices and Telemedicine are Revolutionizing Healthcare

Biomedical Devices and Telemedicine are Revolutionizing Healthcare

From integrated, high-speed electronic circuits to new body-worn health-monitoring devices, to antennas that bend with the shape of the body, to robot surgeons, to wireless earbuds that send brainwave data to a smartphone, the age of telemedicine and pioneering biomedical devices is growing strong.

Telemedicine Improves Access to Health Care

Telemedicine, the delivery of clinical health care from a distance, has taken the world by storm, made possible by advanced information technologies and the advent of mobile communications. Overcoming geographic distance barriers and human physical limitations, telemedicine (or telehealth) has vastly improved access to medical services and is saving lives in emergency and critical-care situations. With the transmission of health data and medical information via the Internet, combined with effortless long-distance communications between patients and health-care providers, professional collaboration and medical care have been enhanced on a global level.

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Wearable Health-Care Devices are Good for Your Health

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Medical Apps are Revolutionizing Healthcare

Apps are changing healthcare for doctors and patients

Apps are changing healthcare for both doctors and patients

Medical apps are giving health care a modern facelift, opening up new avenues of accessing medical information, tools, and resources and improving the delivery of health-care services. Apps, which are software programs developed for a specific purpose and which run on a computer or mobile device, are available for download for both professional and individual use.

Some of the ways in which health-care professionals (HCPs) use mobile apps include: practice management; consulting and communication; health record access and maintenance; a database regarding drugs and diseases; prescribing and diagnosing; coding and billing; online learning; as a patient-monitoring tool capable of reading a patient’s blood pressure, glucose level, or heart rhythm. There are medical apps that conduct hearing and vision tests as well as point-of-care aids such as medical calculators, textbooks, drug guides, and literature search portals. Seventy percent of HCPs and medical students report regular use of at least one medical app daily.

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