Medical Apps are Revolutionizing Healthcare

Apps are changing healthcare for doctors and patients

Apps are changing healthcare for both doctors and patients

Medical apps are giving health care a modern facelift, opening up new avenues of accessing medical information, tools, and resources and improving the delivery of health-care services. Apps, which are software programs developed for a specific purpose and which run on a computer or mobile device, are available for download for both professional and individual use.

Some of the ways in which health-care professionals (HCPs) use mobile apps include: practice management; consulting and communication; health record access and maintenance; a database regarding drugs and diseases; prescribing and diagnosing; coding and billing; online learning; as a patient-monitoring tool capable of reading a patient’s blood pressure, glucose level, or heart rhythm. There are medical apps that conduct hearing and vision tests as well as point-of-care aids such as medical calculators, textbooks, drug guides, and literature search portals. Seventy percent of HCPs and medical students report regular use of at least one medical app daily.

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