How Digital Medicine is Transforming Healthcare

digital devices healthcare medicine big data

Mobile Devices Provide Big Data about Health

Self-awareness and professional health-care management are increasingly complementary in the digital age of medicine. Computers, mobile devices, and wearables are capturing information on patient conditions. They transmit data directly to patients and doctors and store data for baseline comparisons. Digital medicine is creating new medical knowledge and public health pathways.

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Child Suicide Linked to Psychiatrist Shortage

shortage of child psychiatrists child suicide

More Treatment is Needed to Prevent Suicide Among Children

A recent study in Pediatrics (October 2016), “Suicide in Elementary School-Aged Children and Early Adolescents,” complements previous findings in studies and anecdotal observations about childhood suicide.

The children who die by suicide probably:

* Are male

* Are black

* Usually die by hanging, strangulation, suffocation (older children are more likely to kill themselves with firearms)

* Die at home

* Foremost suffer relationship problems with family and/or friends (60 percent)

* Less often suffer from boyfriend/girlfriend stress

* Seldom leave a suicide note (7.7 percent)

* More likely experience attention-deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (59 percent) and less often are depressed (33 percent) compared with young adolescent decedents.

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