Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring offers Tremendous Benefits to Patients...and Their Families

Remote Patient Monitoring offers Tremendous Benefits to Patients…and Their Families

Allowing patients to be monitored from a distance by advanced sensors and devices that are read electronically by physicians, remote patient monitoring (RPM) brings health care directly into patients’ homes. Comforting family members with the knowledge that their loved ones are being followed and will be supported if problems arise, RPM is especially beneficial in cases of complex self-care such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, home hemodialysis, and dementia. It is also being used successfully in in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. 

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices and Benefits

Using peripheral devices such as blood pressure cuffs, glucometers, and pulse oximeters to monitor and evaluate patient outcomes and to detect potential problems, remote patient monitoring applications have proven successful in the following situations: Continue reading

Health Care and Telemedicine Solutions

Telemedicine Solutions Can Enable High-Quality Remote Medical Care

Telemedicine Solutions Can Enable High-Quality Remote Medical Care

Telemedicine or telehealth, the use of advanced communication technologies in the delivery of health-care services, is being named one of the most beneficial tools of the post-millennium era. In an age where almost everything is available at the click of a mouse, the branch of telemedicine brings health care into the twenty-first century with the promise of considerably enhancing the current medical-care system.

The use of distant communication technologies such as the Internet, email, handheld mobile devices, videoconferencing, and other technological innovations, increasingly allows health-care professionals to provide services to patients in remote locations, patients who are immobile or with chronic conditions, and patients across the globe. Telemedicine also provides patients with real-time interaction with doctors, increased security and convenience, lower costs, and access to a wide range of specialists who might otherwise not be available to them.  Continue reading


Telemedicine is a Promising Recent Trend in Healthcare

Telemedicine is a Promising Recent Trend in Healthcare

The demand for telehealth is on the rise, with growing recognition of the benefits of delivering health-related information and services with the aid of modern technologies. An all-encompassing term, the word telehealth refers to the use of telecommunication devices in all health-care activities, including a telephone consultation between two physicians, email communication with patients, storing data via electronic health records, sharing digital medical images, remote research and education, patient monitoring devices, robotic surgery, and more. While the branch of telemedicine is more specific and focused on the curative elements of health care, both telehealth and telemedicine have been dubbed “the way of the future” in the practice of medicine.  Continue reading


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What Is Digital Medicine?

Wireless Medical Sensors and Nanotechnology are Poised to Transform Modern Health Care

Wireless Medical Sensors and Nanotechnology are Poised to Transform Modern Health Care

Digital medicine is a global term reflecting the new culture of health-care delivery in the digital age. In contrast to only a few decades ago, modern medicine exists within a framework of electronic health records, digitized medical reports, an advanced medical coding system, a highly connected infrastructure of shared health data that allows health-care providers to coordinate care, patient access to their personal health records online, and more.

Also encapsulated in the realm of digital medicine are new medical technologies and software, electronic health monitoring devices, a host of mobile apps used to track and assess treatment outcomes, telemedicine, remote health-care delivery, and other devices.  Continue reading