About Us

Our Story

GreenPoint Healthcare Solutions (GPH) allows hospitals and providers to outsource a critical business process, reduce costs, and improve the quality of medical documentation without additional capital investment. GreenPoint outsourcing services facilitate a significant reduction of internal resources required to manage medical transcription, coding, and billing, thereby increasing the focus on core business activities and patient care.

At GreenPoint Healthcare, we recognize that the health-care industry has entered a new era. Physicians, pharmaceutical companies, insurers, and medical marketing agencies face a variety of new regulatory and management requirements.

We provide customized solutions to the challenges posed by:

  • The Physician Payment Sunshine Act
  • The expansion of insurance roles due to the Affordable Care Act
  • Data management requirements for pharmaceutical companies, medical practices, and marketing agencies
  • Budget challenges for sales, marketing, staffing, education, record keeping, and office operations
  • Time constraints for every facet of the health-care delivery spectrum

We work with several internationally recognized pharmaceutical brands to assist in clinical data management. In addition to offering hospitals and clinics a range of transcription, billing, record-management, and coding services, GPH provides this support in HIPPA-certified facilities with skilled and dedicated personnel available around the clock.

GPH sources and hires staff for each client project. Our employees have a level of education and experience unmatched in each respective field. We take pride in the development of our personnel, provide ongoing training and quality control, and incentivize our teams to excel. Our clients have access to our teams for training and other communications, and our managers are expected to be accessible to clients at all times.

Our Team

GreenPoint Healthcare is in a unique position to hire and retain personnel that are specifically suited to your company's outsourcing requirements. We assemble teams of data specialists and IT staff, led by managers and supervisors with decades of experience, according to the needs of each project. Our professional staff has best-in-class qualifications and decades of experience.


GreenPoint Healthcare is an experienced provider of data to all facets of the health-care industry. All our services are designed for scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. GPH works with hospitals and clinics to assist in transcription, billing, coding, and Clinical Documentation Improvements (CDI). We also offer a range of clinical data-management solutions.

Service Areas

GreenPoint's ISO Security Commitment

GreenPoint Healthcare provides vigorous security to its clients while managing large volumes of confidential information. Our certifications are in line with the security standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), and the Omnibus Rule. We maintain these standards through measures such as cloud-based databases and continual monitoring of our networks and data centers. Our infrastructure is secured with 128-bit encryption technology.